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About Holy Dormition Orthodox Church

Our Parish is located in the midst of the Roseland area of Santa Rosa, California. Our church is dedicated to the Holy Dormition of the Mother of God, which is the Feast day of the falling asleep of the Virgin Mary. Holy Dormition is a parish of the Bulgarian Eastern Orthodox Diocese, under the leadership of His Eminence Metropolitan Joseph of the Bulgarian Patriarchate.

We are a traditional Eastern Orthodox parish following the Julian calendar and the Slav Typicon in our liturgical practice and piety. We have an active church life of prayer as well as ministries and missions which have been developed over many years. Most of us are American converts to the Orthodox faith, coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, and our services are read in English.

The Orthodox Church is the oldest Church in Christendom and her history can be traced in unbroken continuity back to Christ and His Apostles. Today there are 225 million Orthodox Christians worldwide and some 1.5 million in America. Her liturgical services date from the times of the early Church and are marked by colorful vestments and icons, the fragrance of incense, and deeply moving music and prayer. In Church you will see the movement of the faithful lighting candles, kissing icons, making the sign of the cross, and bowing or standing in prayer. The Orthodox Church, aware that man is a union of body and soul, uses all the beauty of creation to move the faithful to prayer and worship.

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