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Visiting Us


We're glad you've stopped by our site, and would love to see you at the church! Here's a look at some things you might be wondering about when you visit:

What to Expect

Entering the Church
You are very welcome to join us at any of our services! We enter the church with quietness and respect, whether arriving before the service or after it has begun. We turn our hearts and minds to God in prayer...and we turn our phones off, or to silent.

Don't be surprised if a parishioner (or two) greets you and offers to help acquaint you with the service. We're glad you're here and want you to be comfortable, as well as to understand the rich Truth embodied in each service.
Many people wonder or worry about how to dress for an Orthodox service. In fact, we just ask visitors to dress with respect for God, the service, and the others in attendance. Modest and simple dress, unadorned with logos or slogans, will help you and others enter into prayer without distraction.
(Some visitors find it most comfortable to dress like the parishioners: You'll find the gents usually in long pants and long-sleeved and/or button-up shirts. The ladies generally have long skirts, covered shoulders, and with heads covered by a scarf or tasteful hat. Scarves are available for visitors near the entrance.)

Orthodox Worship
As the Divine Services of the Orthodox Church participate in the heavenly beauty of Christ's Kingdom, all the senses are engaged - bright vestments, vivid icons, rich incense, and the chanting of the choir guide our whole selves (bodies and souls) into worship. The faithful make the sign of the Cross, bow, and sometimes prostrate themselves to add the strength of the body to the soul's prayer.


The Holy Mysteries (Sacraments)


The Holy Mysteries of the Church, such as Confession and Holy Communion, are available to baptized Orthodox Christians.


Confession is usually available during Vigil the night before Liturgy, or by appointment.


Holy Communion is available to Orthodox Christians who have fasted, confessed recently, and have the blessing of their spiritual father. If you wish to approach the chalice, we do ask that you contact our clergy beforehand.

For directions, or to get in touch, please visit our Contact & Directions page!
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